Wooden buildings are not used enough, but they provide so much more advantage compared to more traditional buildings and even in the long run in terms of savings in terms of home purchase and savings. energies thereafter. This is why more and more people are interested in building wooden chalet for sale in france, as a primary or secondary residence.

Outstanding insulation and energy saving

Some building materials such as steel, non-combustible inorganic materials, expand when heated, which can weaken and collapse the structure. The wood reacts almost in front of that. When heated, not excessively at a combustible temperature, the wood dries out and becomes even more difficult.

If we compare, glass drives heat 23 times faster than wood, marble 90 times faster, and aluminum 7000 times faster.

This means less “leakage” of energy from a home. If you want the heat or coolness to stay in your home and you want to spend less money on heating or cooling, wood is the alternative to brick, concrete or stone. Compared to other building materials, wood is the economic choice option. The use of wood saves on heating bills and the use of wooden frames in structures is economical. The wood expands slightly when the air humidity falls below 0%. However, this will not affect builders because even in the most arid climates, the humidity does not drop below 5%.

Sustainable construction

False myths about wooden houses, these are finally very durable dwellings. While some of the admired and solid concrete houses are about to collapse after 40 years, the northern European countries are home to inhabited wooden houses after 200 years of existence. Fires: what usually causes a fire in a house is inside: a badly extinguished butt, a short circuit and what burns, it is the interior furniture, the risk of fire is therefore the same. If it does not go out soon, the wood burns but very slowly. The worst thing is that it is reduced to ashes if it does not go out quickly, but in a concrete house, high temperatures cause cracks; so it is possible that she spills the house. This is still a security-type advantage to wood dwellings.